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- made adequate preparations, the Chinese sports delegation
- ridicule has spread like wildfire on the Web
- characteristics, as many people love. Some
- brand, founded in 1990, now septwolves Terminal
- Ke Jiaxing said. According to reports, because Tutu brand

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 made adequate preparations, the Chinese sports delegation Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

to bend features technology, greatly enhance the comprehensive training during exercise comfort and protection. In 2011, the ANTA come out with about 2,400 new shoes and 3,600, respectively 1,600 accessories and clothing.With flexible supply chain and Executive skills, helps Anta make quick reaction to changing market environment, at the same time ensure that we provide the best cost-effective products for consumers. Anta, highly efficient and reliable supply chain network so that it can respond to changes in consumer preferences and market environment, timely and accurate decisions. Anta will also endeavour to optimize operational efficiency and implement risk control measures, its inflationary pressures remain a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, Anta's procurement teams and supply chain partners, close monitoring of raw material costs and market trends, common procurement of raw materials to obtain bulk purchase discounts.Looking to the futureLooking ahead, inflation slightly eased at the end of 2011, is widely expected to the present macro-economic measures will be relaxed, so as to stimulate consumption. However, uncertainty and intense competition continued to shadow the stage for the Chinese sporting goods market,

 excess inventory and discounts on the sales channel will make the market more added pressure. In a challenging environment, Anta will adopt a more cautious attitude, continue to strengthen our competitive advantage and sustainable development. Same time Anta will be through expanding the rich resources of sponsor and spokesperson of promotional benefits, and enhance the brand value of Anta, Anta and closely linked to the consumer. Provide strong support for the Chinese Olympic Committee, and by virtue of the rich experience of participating in international sports events in the past, Anta has made adequate preparations, the Chinese sports delegation for the London Olympics and China accept athletes create the most eye-catching and quality award equipment.Anta aggressively capitalizing on market potential, is committed to introducing innovative products. It will launch a new lightweight elastic rubber shoes, providing more comfortable running experience for runners. The same time Anta will further enhance the wear resistant rubber science and technology, applied to the highly wear-resistant rubber Street basketball on a range of products. In order to meet the growing number of female consumers, the

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 ridicule has spread like wildfire on the Web Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

delicate needs of young people and children, Anta's products will inject more fashion element, and continue to provide them with diversified product portfolio. In addition, Fila's unique brand position and differentiated products, Anta continued long-term growth in the high-end market.Anta continues to strengthen the distribution network of health and sustainable development, which is the main competitive advantage of Anta, complemented the ANTA on the Chinese sporting goods market to the fore. In order to minimize sales channel inventory risk, Anta closely monitor market trends, in order to provide reseller and franchisee ordering guidelines to ensure they develop accurate and appropriate orders. In addition, face a challenging environment, Anta will be more prudent to expand the sales network and strategic adjustment of the number of new shops. According to Anta's network expansion plan, is expected in late 2012, Anta shop number to 7,800 to 8,000 homes, sports stores from 800 to 900 the number of children number of stores to between

 800 and 900, Fila store 250 to 300 homes.Anta sports President and CEO Ding Shizhong said: "while the future is full of challenges, we believe that Government support of urbanization, encourage sports promotion and increase wages and policies implemented, China sporting goods market will continue to bring more and better opportunities. In order to grasp the market potential and we will continue to play a competitive advantage, and to take effective action and measures, endeavour to ensure that the group, as well as our supply chain partners, distributors and franchisees continued and stable development, creating value for shareholders in the long run. "" Li Ning, price is impossible "," Anta, prices won't stop, "" 361 degrees, and a piece of money "... ... Recently, along with Li Ning and Anta, xtep, peak and 361 degrees, such as the price of five sports brands stack up,

ridicule has spread like wildfire on the Web.Price increase is the direct cause of higher inventories. According to statistics, the first half of 2011, Li-Ning reached 992 million dollars of inventory, representing increase of 186 million Yuan earlier this year, plans to spend about 300 million Yuan to the distribution shanggou back "unsold products", according to Li Ning group expects over the next two years, needs to buy back up to 1.448 billion dollars extra inventory.In sport industry in the country, not only Li-Ning "crestfallen" and enter by the end of 2011, the major domestic sports clothing brands have reported third-quarter earnings, including special steps, Anta, brands such as peak, a growth slowdown.Among them, the special step inventory surge problems become more serious. Late June 2011 inventory of 887 million Yuan, an increase of 424 million Yuan, which finished by the beginning of 84 million dollars suddenly increased from 474 million dollars, increased 4 times. Xtep 2011 inventory amounted to 887 million

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 characteristics, as many people love. Some Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 dollars in the first half, up by about 92%, Anta 20.3% increased the amount of inventory in the first half, peak is also worrying rise of the 41%.In recent days, local media reported, Anta management "business day", acknowledged that 2012 orders growth in the second quarter, below the 15% range in the first quarter, within the next six months to 1 year, the industry will be challenging, it has been difficult to make the 2012 third-quarter orders. In addition, Anta, previously scheduled for next year, a net increase of 600 to 800 stores, may also increase the number of closed, and downward adjustment.In addition, the sporting goods company, book inventory is only part of its physical inventories, there is still a large part of the batch sent to dealers but did not sell. In the case of special step and constantly develop new products, which have been awarded to the dealer's inventory is likely to face, like Li Ning, repo and impairment of stress, leading to sharp decline in net profit.Industry analysts noted that sluggish

consumer demand is also high inventory of important reasons. Starting from the second half of 2009, athletic shoe market coming back, 2010 a growth rate for the entire year is surprisingly fast, but this growth was established in 2008 and on the basis of the first half of 2009, the overall market downturn, is a process of replenishment is not like before and after 2003 that really that strong demand in the market as a whole. For this round of expansion in early 2011, most companies failed to make accurate judgments. As a result, your expansion I expansion, when the markets are unable to digest expansion brought about by excess product, so that there are a large number of stocks. HC shoe network on March 23, the rise in temperatures, and shoes to work. Shoes, canvas shoes with its stylish and lightweight, wear-resistant durable, affordable, with varied and other

 characteristics, as many people love. Some even participate in sports activities, and also use it to replace the shoes.In this regard, the Peking University first hospital Deputy Director Wu Tao reminding, canvas shoes better not wear a lot of days in a row, let alone wear it to sports, as this may cause injuries to your feet. Good sneakers should have a light, torsion-resistant, shock absorbers, skid, sweat-absorbing function, other than can improve an athlete's performance, it could also reduce the risk of sports injuries. Canvas shoes are shoes being too soft, especially heel and midsole segment is not thick enough, stability is not high, gum sole with less shock absorbers, wears it and it would be inappropriate to participate in strenuous exercise, such as playing basketball, football, etc. However, the strength is unlikely to exercise such as jogging,

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 brand, founded in 1990, now septwolves Terminal Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 rope skipping, proper fit the canvas can be.In addition, the poor canvas shoes are breathable, long wear, will make your feet a long time in a humid environment, eczema and herpes can cause sweat, on further infection or other skin problems, such as athlete's foot, Erysipelas, and so on. Youth children in development during more to carefully, because they of foot Department development also didn't mature, sails shoes shoes body design too had soft, and sucking earthquake function poor, especially followed by Cup and the in the late part enough stable, not conducive to children foot Department of health development, special for suffers from flat foot of children, canvas shoes of insoles cannot prevention flat foot sequelae, long-term wear will makes foot bow deformation, also has may formed structural flat foot.So, parents for children select shoes Shi to note three a points: a to has hard of followed by Cup, to stable followed by bone, prevent feet in shoes within around swing, reduced sprained; II to has foot Gong Chengtuo of insoles,

to soothing foot bow fatigue, reduce shank strained; three is according to width to for select, prevent forefoot had pine or had tight, makes foot Department more comfortable. In addition, due to the poor canvas shoe breathability, long-term wear, feet often in humid environments, have the potential to cause sweating eczema and herpes, further infection or other skin diseases. So, wear other shoes and sneakers should be replaced after wearing each day, as far as possible avoid adverse impact canvas shoes on children's feet. "HC apparel net""Hui Satoshi clothing network" this CHIC Expo special edition of theme set for: "competitiveness---increased potential reduction potential", and joint launched first "China clothing most with competitiveness brand News survey", main survey has men 's, and ladies, and leisure loaded, and designer brand, and kids, and underwear, and cashmere wool, and professional market, eight a field, we found, is these China clothing industry of important field and important led brand of achievements combination into this industry of existing pattern, But how competitive they will determine the future of the industry as a whole.Septwolves: veteran leisure teamBrand introduction: seven Wolf

brand, founded in 1990, now septwolves Terminal outlets nationwide has reached more than 3,000 enterprises, and the establishment of Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai, 3 large logistics and information center, more than 20 provincial logistics and information Division.Septwolves abide by "with the classical tradition of fashion, brand inspired life" is the brand's mission, based on Chinese traditional culture to the brand and actively mining at the same time, Western fashion elements into their design concepts, and working to promote harmony of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion and creative industries."Men only" is the slogan of seven wolves. 2012 septwolves direction "intensive retail and details of winning" designed to strengthen our market position, constantly optimize the product with the end of core competencies.Since 2007, seven wolves in the country more than opening big flagship stores and living museum, to create one-stop lifestyle family shopping, to the construction of the Terminal channels bring out brand connotation.

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 Ke Jiaxing said. According to reports, because Tutu brand Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 but at the same time, also challenged the company's research and development capacity. It is reported that European and American Dragon is from a trade sale, Tutu brand is implemented "branding, style" of the road. On research and development, Tutu brand has a unique historical advantages.Enter the school uniform market will take some "cage"In addition, Ke Jiaxing analysis to reporters, said that since the "incident", the recent "school bus", in fact, should be able to figure out, the State has begun to regulate the schools from every aspect, especially with regard to security issues. "I think, school shoes and garments will be normative directions. In this regard, a city primary schools will take the lead in self-regulation. And this is another opportunity for brands. "Ke Jiaxing expressed confidence, but Tutu brand, both in terms of brand awareness, degree or quality specifications, and even business performance, all can pass any test."Europe and the Group has ever done for Europe's top children's shoe brand OEM. So we know that safe products, in addition to physical restrictions, but from chemical parameters specification. Children's shoe industry in our country, yet just physics standard specification.

From this respect, Tutu brand products has been based on international standards as a corporate standard, as a custom manufacturer of school shoes, is completely standard. "Ke Jiaxing said European and American Dragon already has passed the quality management system, environment management system and occupational health and safety management system certification. In addition, the group child Tutu supplies business in Europe and America also received "4 a-level national good practice enterprise" honor. Ke Jiaxing told reporters, these certifications and honors, is to enter the elementary school apparel market, "knocking stones" at the same time, may also become a market barrier to entry."For the opening up of the market, we are very confident this year. Late last year, we received nearly 200,000 pairs of orders, and the total amount of pupils in Shenzhen only about 900,000 people.

 "Ke Jiaxing said. According to reports, because Tutu brand reputation in the market very well, so custom-branded school shoes and garments, for the purposes of paying parents might allow them to identify with and trust. "After all, school shoes and garments to order is a way of buying, prices than store offers many. This save channels of layers of fees would have been enough for parents to be tempted. "Ke Jiaxing said, and for local agents, and marched into a school is like a store a year's profit levels, why not do it.When a reporter asked whether he worried about rivals, Ke Jiaxing expressed confidence and not worry about, after all, his is a pioneer, and take high ground. "Of course, there may be more and more children's apparel brand companies to compete for this market, but, so far, not many rivals. "Ke Jiaxing believes that will do more to move this market, first of all in these cities have stores do" base ", in addition to the competency and let the school trust. In these respects, Ke Jiaxing brand confident of herself.

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